Sorry Charlie, But What the Hell?

The title is a link to the Wrangle story.

Here is another fat-cat liberal whom I cannot stand and now he's said something totally outrageous. Charlie Rangle seems to think that the Bush administration is acting like Hitler in the handling of the Iraq war. Here's the quote in NY Daily News from a WWRL-AM radio interview:

The Iraq war "is the biggest fraud ever committed on the people of this country. ... This is just as bad as the 6 million Jews being killed," the 74-year-old Harlem Democrat insisted during a Monday radio appearance on the WWRL-AM morning show with Steve Malzberg and Karen Hunter. "The whole world knew and they were quiet about it because it wasn't their ox being gored."

Excuse me but what-in-the-hell did he say?

When challenged by the talk show host, Rangle actually defended his statement with:
"I am saying that people's silence when they know things terrible are happening is the same thing as the Holocaust."

If a conservative or republican opened his mouth and said this he would have a storm from hell brought down on his head. A liberal opens his trap and makes any comparison that lessens or belittles what Hitler did to the Jews and we don't hear about it. If Frist said anything close to that it would be on every news program talk show on the planet for the next 3 months.

Rangle goes on to say "They had a plan to put our kids in harm's way long before 9/11," Rangel said. "Because it's not their kids ... that's exactly why. They go and pick a fight, and then say, 'I'll hold your coat.'"

Sorry Charlie, no one held a gun to those kids head and said "sign up to defend our country with your life". We have an ALL VOLUNTEER ARMED SERVICE. All of the volunteers knew what they might face, some gambled that they wouldn't have to. No one is promised peace love and roses if they sign up to be in the military.

Ok Libs, time to show us your spine and call down the stupidity of someone other than the usual targets of Dean and Gore. Let's sentence Rangle to spending a month in the holocaust Museum in DC and then send him to Iraq to show him the mass graves the allies uncovered from Saddam's activities. If anything the Allies have liberated another country and saved its people.

I am personally disgusted AGAIN at the total lack of logic and application of stupidity by liberals in power. To add insult to injury we aren't hearing anything about this in the news.

Maybe I'll get lucky and the FBI will arrest Rangle like they did TN State senator John Ford (see my "I'm singing and cheering" post).