Just Don't Flush that Koran!

Cal Thomas (article linked in title) and Jeff Jacoby make an excellent point here. One fake report (later partially vindicated in spirit that a Koran was desecrated) sparks a riot and 17 people die. Our official US position from State department head Condoleezza Rice is not to disrespect the Koran in any way. Our response did not address the rioting, we merely condemned the reporter and publication just like everyone else did.

While we were strong on the military and the editors in relation to this news we are weak on the Islamic behavior, as I quote Cal here:
While the slightest verbal or physical slight of any Muslim in America is immediately condemned by activist groups and sometimes the U.S. government, the denigration of Jews and Christians throughout much of the Islamic world is theological and political business as usual. Jews are regularly referred to as "apes and pigs," mostly because that is what the Koran calls them.

Our country strives to force sensitivity training about Islam (like the New Orleans Police Department, Ohio National Guard, among others) yet when the shoe is on the other foot and a Christian or Jew is in an Islamic country all bets are off? Why do the Muslims expect the double standard? Unless they are the supreme race or something...

Another view of this lack of logic is to look at the reactions of the believers.
  • Jeff Jacoby's
  • article wisely points out the lack of rioting by Catholics when the crucifix was displayed in urine as part of a federally backed art exhibit.

    The contradictions of the vile jihadist movement in their ranks with the calls for Islamic religious acceptance make dealing with Muslims a treatcherous problem with long term consequences. We as a country should not tread so lightly but should be firm in our stance and balanced in treatment. We are putting forward an approach of acceptance yet we acquiesce with silence at the activities of the Muslims in their own countries against non-Muslims. This cannot be allowed to continue as it erodes our own foundations with contradictory stances and makes us look weak.

    Looking weak is what emboldened Bin Laden to attack us in the first place.