Gore's Inconvenient B.S.

The B. S. stands for Barbara Striesand, what did you think it meant?

Machiavelli told the prince that fear would keep the people in line. What he meant was that fear was a method one could choose to keep a population in line-at least you learn that if you finish the story. Funny how each year on the first hot day of summer we get this headline from the likes of CBS news: "GLOBAL WARMING IS REAL". They illustrate the one degree rise with a thermometer graphic moving rapidly up 25+ degrees overlayed across flood, hurricane, and iceberg melting footage.

"The ice is melting, the ice is melting! Run for your lives!"

Why is it these massive campaigns by earth warmers never comes out in February? Could it be because of the diminished psychological impact of "warming" during snowstorms? Is it difficult to fear warming when it's freezing, but easy when it's hot? Yes, people are that gullible! Let's look at some other writings by "Global Warming Scientists":

However, the magnitude and timing of climate change are controversial because of uncertainties in our knowledge of all factors which may influence future climates and of the interactive processes which may act to modify the direct influence of the greenhouse gases.
  • href="http://www.ametsoc.org/policy/global.html">AMETSOC.ORG

  • That sentence tells you the underlying truth, permit me to translate: "We know without a doubt that we DON'T KNOW enough about all the factors to predict what greenhouse gases are doing."

    From a fellow blogger with a NASA buddy: "We need 20 more years of data to give a definitive answer on that subject."

    They just admitted that they don't know enough to what they do and do not know!?! Yet Gore and BS are out there hammering the "imminent threat" because we didn't sign Kyoto?

    Questions for my pro-environmental bloggers:
    What would the impact be on global temps if the USA had signed on to Kyoto?

    What percentage adjustment should be made for average temperature readings to account for "heat island" of city growth?

    Who has the most accurate computer modeling available of global warming? How close have their predictions been in the past 5 years?

    "Carbon dioxide content has risen 20% this century" What does that mean?

    What percentage of the world's ice does Greenland have? If all the ice in Greenland's glaciers melted, how much would the sea rise?

    If temps everywhere are rising, why is it getting colder in Antartica?

    What was the top 3 most active hurricane years in the recorded history of hurricanes?

    Economic BENEFITS from global warming (if it did exist)?

    The reality is that your local weatherman has the absolute best equipment available to model the weather. He can do so with up to 80% accuracy over the first 10 days. After that, the error factors skyrocket. Global wamers think that we'll see from a one-half degree change to a full 10 degrees difference in the next ONE HUNDRED YEARS based on a minute increase of CO2. That minute increase for perspective is the width (not length) of a standard #2 pencil placed on the goal line of an entire football field, where the first 70 yards is nitrogen, then 29.835 yards of oxygen, hydrogen, argon, down to about the 6 inch mark, then somewhere in there is a sliver of CO2? Is a quarter of an inch on a football field of width a big difference?

    The other logical question that begs to be asked: MUST WE ASSUME THAT CLIMATE IS STATIC FOR CLIMATE TO "CHANGE"?

    Forgive me if I see a credibility gap, after all, history is on my side.

    Some more excellent Links to ponder:
    http://www.eurekalert.org/pub_releases/2005-11/uoea-sun112205.php "Crisis in 100 years!"
    http://www.energyadvocate.com/nyt1.htm "kyoto sellout: 7% theory and no experts"
    http://www.physorg.com/news11710.html "greenhouse theory smashed"
    http://commerce.senate.gov/pdf/mayfield.pdf "hurricane testamony"
    http://www.sepp.org/NewSEPP/Kyoto-Patterson.htm "Kyoto's flawed basis"
    http://www.cru.uea.ac.uk/projects/stardex/ STARDEX
    http://europa.eu.int/comm/research/environment/index_en.htm EU COMMISSION STUDIES GROUP
    http://www.newscientist.com/article.ns?id=dn7607&feedId=online-news_rss20 "please pollute, if you don't we'll cause global warming!"

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    Book Club Review

    After mom and daughter went to bed the TV was on CBS while I checked my email and played Sim City on the computer. I was easily distracted by the gorgeous and artificially enhanced women on the screen talking about sex on the new show "The Book Club."
    Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
    The supposed "reality" show was full of gorgeous women and their "Desperate Housewife Style" issues.

    Ph-leeeze. This is nothing but sleeze tv. First clue is that there is no where on this planet where there are that many superficially and artificially gorgeous women sporting cleavage and short skirts with 3" heels 24/7 who are all best buddies. Second clue: nobody's house is THAT FREAKING CLEAN IN EVERY ROOM. Third clue was the over-the-top dialogue.

    Sex does sell. Unfortunately CBS has prostituted itself with this show.


    PIXAR CARS: Perfection!

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    Quick review of cars: more than I expected. I expected a visual masterpiece with excellent writing. We got a story with great deep characters and a real heart.

    Tons of cameos and lots of talent make the characters give the necessary depth to the animation. Owen Wilson was by far the perfect actor for the lead. I would have picked someone else with a sexier voice than Bonnie Hunt but she pulled it off. Larry the Cable Guy gets my vote as one of the smartest comedians working today (watch him against Engvall and Foxworthy sometime, see whose the quickest draw of the three).
    Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
    I am seeing reviews that call it "sluggish"? I think the term they are looking for is CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT! Movie reviewers have lost the ability to sit back and enjoy a story. They seem to desire to have a rollercoaster from scene 1 to the final credits. Of course featuring a story where heart beats money doesn't play well in tinsel town.

    Speaking of final credits: make sure to sit and watch it! SPOILER NOTE: stop here if you want a surprise. Very funny as they take Toy Story and Monsters Inc and re-do the characters (with the original actors) as car figures. Woody is, what else, a "Woody" Station wagon for example. Scully from Monsters is a huge blue "monster truck".

    I'm lining up to early order the DVD now.


    Border Alignment

    Texas governor Rick Perry wants to put internet-accessible cameras on the border to help spot illegal immigration. Wondering what the border patrol's official response was?

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    Border Patrol Chief David Aguilar did not comment directly on the governor's plan Wednesday, but said: "We are looking forward to the opportunity to sit down and discuss it with him to ensure that whatever is done will be aligned with the efforts of the Border Patrol."

    Let's see, the Border Patrol's efforts that I am aware of include contacting the Mexican government and flat out telling them where the Minutemen or other volunteer border monitoring efforts are happening. Then the Mexican 'govmint as a service to its citizens posts the information on their
  • WEBSITE (link here).
  • The same site that give you tips on how to cross the border and how to take advantage of our social programs and laws once you are in Los Estados Unitos.

    My question to Chief Aguilar: "Are you going to make sure the Mexican website knows where those cameras are so they can tell their citizens? Is that your idea of "alignment of effort"?"


    Job Change Time

    My office is closing. I have several great offers to choose from and hope to land someplace where I can still keep up the blog!

    That's why I'm infrequently updating. Got to focus time and energy where it matters first: making money to pay the bills!


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    Ladies and gentlemen, I'm Professor Harold Hill and there is a link in the title you should see.

    Folks we've got a problem right here in River City. It's brewing under your nose and you don't even know it. Your know the harmful elements our beloved children are exposed to every day: foul language, gangs, sex, violence, narcotic use, but you haven't seen this new fringe element creeping in.

    "What could that be?" You ask? Well let me tell you: look for some indicators that they have been exposed to this menace of society. Where are your children on Sundays? Do they dress nicely and disappear from the home early in the morning? Do they use words like "forgiveness" and "redemption" and "grace"? Is ten percent of their money disappearing without any trace? Are they carrying around a book they refer to as the Word?

    Then if so your children have been exposed. Exposed I tell you! Exposed to a madman and his wiles who goes by the name of --- Jesus Christ! Jesus who defied authorities and hung out with the prostitutes! They claim he died but arose again!

    They call their message the Good News. I say it's good news that the Motion Picture Association of America has equated Christian messages with those of sex, violence and foul language! The MPAA only stopped short from going full R because that warmongering faux President is one of "them" (Christians)!

    Protect your children! You don't want those intolerant Christians running around the cinemaplex and getting in the way of the proper indoctrination of our youth!

    Hope you enjoyed that, my tongue was firmly implanted in my cheek while typing.


    Democrats: Voto-Lotto

    Hat tip to Jack Lewis for bringing this point up!

    My rant here is a multiple platform soapbox, bear with me and I'll try to make sense!

    I am against false hope. One major form of false hope that disgusts me to the point of near illness is the Lottery. "Someone's going to win, might be you" yeah that's what they say. Unfortunately of the ten-million individuals that will play, only an infintesimally small portion actually win. Just go to a border state that has lottery and watch the blue-haired people bring in their Social Security checks to scratch away.

    They use their money for food, utilities and rent to play lotto thinking that "today is the day and if I keep playing I'll be wealthy..." Nevermind that they have a better chance of either a) being hit by falling airplane parts or b) getting struck by lightning TWICE. It is the most disgusting thing you will ever witness to see blue hairs scratching madly.

    My church-going sedate and calm aunts and uncles went nuts one Christmas when I bought them a bunch of scratch off tickets. When one aunt won most of the prizes they asked me why I gave her the good tickets (when I had mixed them at random!). I thought there was going to be a blue hair throw down right on my Aunt's front porch.

    Lottery officials know this mania and understand the thinking of lotto and scratch players. They make "small prize" games because people think that the "smaller the prize, the better the chance of winning" or some such illogic. That's what the focus group said that I was a part of in Kentucky a decade ago. Nevermind that once the top prize is given they still continue to
  • sell the tickets without a grand prize.
  • You have to buy the ticket to get the small print that says "Sorry, if someone else won the big prize you are SOL."

    So who exactly are they trying to lure to the polls with a "$1 million dollar prize ballot"? Is it the conservative thinker or the liberal feel good type? Will there have to be a disclaimer at the bottom of the ballot that reads "Delivery of the goodies promised by your Democratic representative my never actually happen or you will inadvertantly not qualify to receive those same said hand outs and the same hand outs may in fact cost you your job and/or higher taxes and same said representative will in no way accept blame or responsiblity for losses."

    I guess I can sum this rant up with "Remember this liberals and lotto players: you can't lose if you don't play."