Border Alignment

Texas governor Rick Perry wants to put internet-accessible cameras on the border to help spot illegal immigration. Wondering what the border patrol's official response was?

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Border Patrol Chief David Aguilar did not comment directly on the governor's plan Wednesday, but said: "We are looking forward to the opportunity to sit down and discuss it with him to ensure that whatever is done will be aligned with the efforts of the Border Patrol."

Let's see, the Border Patrol's efforts that I am aware of include contacting the Mexican government and flat out telling them where the Minutemen or other volunteer border monitoring efforts are happening. Then the Mexican 'govmint as a service to its citizens posts the information on their
  • WEBSITE (link here).
  • The same site that give you tips on how to cross the border and how to take advantage of our social programs and laws once you are in Los Estados Unitos.

    My question to Chief Aguilar: "Are you going to make sure the Mexican website knows where those cameras are so they can tell their citizens? Is that your idea of "alignment of effort"?"