Democrats: Voto-Lotto

Hat tip to Jack Lewis for bringing this point up!

My rant here is a multiple platform soapbox, bear with me and I'll try to make sense!

I am against false hope. One major form of false hope that disgusts me to the point of near illness is the Lottery. "Someone's going to win, might be you" yeah that's what they say. Unfortunately of the ten-million individuals that will play, only an infintesimally small portion actually win. Just go to a border state that has lottery and watch the blue-haired people bring in their Social Security checks to scratch away.

They use their money for food, utilities and rent to play lotto thinking that "today is the day and if I keep playing I'll be wealthy..." Nevermind that they have a better chance of either a) being hit by falling airplane parts or b) getting struck by lightning TWICE. It is the most disgusting thing you will ever witness to see blue hairs scratching madly.

My church-going sedate and calm aunts and uncles went nuts one Christmas when I bought them a bunch of scratch off tickets. When one aunt won most of the prizes they asked me why I gave her the good tickets (when I had mixed them at random!). I thought there was going to be a blue hair throw down right on my Aunt's front porch.

Lottery officials know this mania and understand the thinking of lotto and scratch players. They make "small prize" games because people think that the "smaller the prize, the better the chance of winning" or some such illogic. That's what the focus group said that I was a part of in Kentucky a decade ago. Nevermind that once the top prize is given they still continue to
  • sell the tickets without a grand prize.
  • You have to buy the ticket to get the small print that says "Sorry, if someone else won the big prize you are SOL."

    So who exactly are they trying to lure to the polls with a "$1 million dollar prize ballot"? Is it the conservative thinker or the liberal feel good type? Will there have to be a disclaimer at the bottom of the ballot that reads "Delivery of the goodies promised by your Democratic representative my never actually happen or you will inadvertantly not qualify to receive those same said hand outs and the same hand outs may in fact cost you your job and/or higher taxes and same said representative will in no way accept blame or responsiblity for losses."

    I guess I can sum this rant up with "Remember this liberals and lotto players: you can't lose if you don't play."