PIXAR CARS: Perfection!

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Quick review of cars: more than I expected. I expected a visual masterpiece with excellent writing. We got a story with great deep characters and a real heart.

Tons of cameos and lots of talent make the characters give the necessary depth to the animation. Owen Wilson was by far the perfect actor for the lead. I would have picked someone else with a sexier voice than Bonnie Hunt but she pulled it off. Larry the Cable Guy gets my vote as one of the smartest comedians working today (watch him against Engvall and Foxworthy sometime, see whose the quickest draw of the three).
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I am seeing reviews that call it "sluggish"? I think the term they are looking for is CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT! Movie reviewers have lost the ability to sit back and enjoy a story. They seem to desire to have a rollercoaster from scene 1 to the final credits. Of course featuring a story where heart beats money doesn't play well in tinsel town.

Speaking of final credits: make sure to sit and watch it! SPOILER NOTE: stop here if you want a surprise. Very funny as they take Toy Story and Monsters Inc and re-do the characters (with the original actors) as car figures. Woody is, what else, a "Woody" Station wagon for example. Scully from Monsters is a huge blue "monster truck".

I'm lining up to early order the DVD now.