Gore's Inconvenient B.S.

The B. S. stands for Barbara Striesand, what did you think it meant?

Machiavelli told the prince that fear would keep the people in line. What he meant was that fear was a method one could choose to keep a population in line-at least you learn that if you finish the story. Funny how each year on the first hot day of summer we get this headline from the likes of CBS news: "GLOBAL WARMING IS REAL". They illustrate the one degree rise with a thermometer graphic moving rapidly up 25+ degrees overlayed across flood, hurricane, and iceberg melting footage.

"The ice is melting, the ice is melting! Run for your lives!"

Why is it these massive campaigns by earth warmers never comes out in February? Could it be because of the diminished psychological impact of "warming" during snowstorms? Is it difficult to fear warming when it's freezing, but easy when it's hot? Yes, people are that gullible! Let's look at some other writings by "Global Warming Scientists":

However, the magnitude and timing of climate change are controversial because of uncertainties in our knowledge of all factors which may influence future climates and of the interactive processes which may act to modify the direct influence of the greenhouse gases.
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  • That sentence tells you the underlying truth, permit me to translate: "We know without a doubt that we DON'T KNOW enough about all the factors to predict what greenhouse gases are doing."

    From a fellow blogger with a NASA buddy: "We need 20 more years of data to give a definitive answer on that subject."

    They just admitted that they don't know enough to what they do and do not know!?! Yet Gore and BS are out there hammering the "imminent threat" because we didn't sign Kyoto?

    Questions for my pro-environmental bloggers:
    What would the impact be on global temps if the USA had signed on to Kyoto?

    What percentage adjustment should be made for average temperature readings to account for "heat island" of city growth?

    Who has the most accurate computer modeling available of global warming? How close have their predictions been in the past 5 years?

    "Carbon dioxide content has risen 20% this century" What does that mean?

    What percentage of the world's ice does Greenland have? If all the ice in Greenland's glaciers melted, how much would the sea rise?

    If temps everywhere are rising, why is it getting colder in Antartica?

    What was the top 3 most active hurricane years in the recorded history of hurricanes?

    Economic BENEFITS from global warming (if it did exist)?

    The reality is that your local weatherman has the absolute best equipment available to model the weather. He can do so with up to 80% accuracy over the first 10 days. After that, the error factors skyrocket. Global wamers think that we'll see from a one-half degree change to a full 10 degrees difference in the next ONE HUNDRED YEARS based on a minute increase of CO2. That minute increase for perspective is the width (not length) of a standard #2 pencil placed on the goal line of an entire football field, where the first 70 yards is nitrogen, then 29.835 yards of oxygen, hydrogen, argon, down to about the 6 inch mark, then somewhere in there is a sliver of CO2? Is a quarter of an inch on a football field of width a big difference?

    The other logical question that begs to be asked: MUST WE ASSUME THAT CLIMATE IS STATIC FOR CLIMATE TO "CHANGE"?

    Forgive me if I see a credibility gap, after all, history is on my side.

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