Actually I'm writing about how the gloom and doom of an inconvenient fiction has shocked liberals into a rabid frenzy that is to a point of being incoherent. It's a fact that so far all of us are mortal and will die. Climate change is very unlikely to be the cause of it.

Scientists who study thermodynamics tell us there is no such thing as a global temperature. No kiddin'? That star trek term is real science? You mean 100 billion gallons of sea water and tens of millions of cubic yards of air have a heat enthalpy factor that prevents instantaneous changing of the temperature without massive exchanges of energy? Even a one degree change requires a massive amount of energy for that volume of anything.

NOW do you understand my doubts? I'm not saying roll yourself in pesticides and go swimming in the lake. IE: don't be stupid about chemicals, burning and garbage. I am saying that making us think we are killing our children with this is so outlandish as to be, well, stupid.