Guess They Didn't Study Zell or Me!

Scientists are studying the link of genetics to political beliefs (NYT article linked in title).

Being born to Yellow Dog Democrats you would think I would be a Democrat too. However I think Zell has hit the mark (again): (paraphrase) "I haven't left the party- the party has abandoned the conservative ideologly for the liberal."

That's a safe bet to explain my thinking along with many of my southern brethren. I would hazard a guess that given a blind taste test of the two, that most southern conservatives would vote republican although they claim democrat affiliation.

Folks, this ain't JFK Democrats, these are Clinton Democrats. Those are polar opposites on most issues. If JFK were alive today he would be standing shoulder to shoulder with Zell on most topics.

The part that scares me most is this:
"The researchers are not optimistic about the future of bipartisan cooperation or national unity. Because men and women tend to seek mates with a similar ideology, they say, the two gene pools are becoming, if anything, more concentrated, not less."
The idea that illogical liberals are being bred just scares the heck out of me, especially since conservatives are more likely to be taught abstinence...