UN Is a Sleepy Toothless Hound Dog

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Ever seen a picture of a hound dog sleeping on the front porch on a hot muggy summer day? That's how great a watchdog the UN is when it comes to enforcing their sanctions.

Saddam's aides are bragging about how easy it was to get around sanctions. Money talks and those running the UN listen. Corruption is easy when you are an oil state under sanctions, just slip some futures to the guards and the gates are wide open. The French, Russians and UK are the named targets of the cash.

Yet there are those who continue to say the sanctions worked. We are seeing that the sanctions were toothless. I wonder what happened that we haven't learned yet? Especially when related to WMDs!

Yes, the Saddam aides are silent on that critical subject. With the objections sure to come I make a preemptive comment: do you trust a thief? Saddam's regime has already proven its guile to lie and murder, and made its intent known about how they wanted WMDs. So we should bash Bush for thinking he had them when there was so much corruption in the sanctions process?

Logic says otherwise. Logic says that Bush was right and history will prove it so regardless of how much people whine about it now.