The Mother Ship Has Landed!

With Jacko-getting-off... excuse the pun... you might have overlooked the latest news from the New Orleans Police Department (as featured on COPS).

The great minister of truth and salvation to the Nation of Islam Louis Farrakhan's chief of security (captain Dennis Muhammad) has been hired by the NOPD to administer sensitivity training to the blue suited, blue eyed devil "whities".

This is the same minister that has so eloquently and forcefully proclaimed ideas on the evil Jew's role in all evils relating to slavery. The one white man worthy of praise was the visionary Hitler who knew we should exterminate the Jews, according to Mr. Farrakhan. He has also made declarations about how one day the mother ship will return and the brothers and sisters will be united again...

Is it possible for Farrakhan's right hand man to be anywhere close to sensitive to anything other than Islamic black people?

The NOPD will pay for sensitivity training from this guy? I thought Mardi-Gras ended before Easter. It seems there are a few in the big easy still drunk from then.

As an aside, I wonder if has anyone told Farrakhan that the word for describing a black or African descendant in Arabic translates equally to "slave"?