Translation of Democrat Voting Research Report

You'll find their version of the Wash Post article linked in the title, below is my version:

Hey all you non-white, non-Christians out there! Those EVIL WHITE REPUBLICANS are up to their dirty tricks to prevent your voting for us, the only party that cares for you to stay non-white and non-Christian! It definitely happened in Florida where a MILLION BLACK voters were not allowed to vote when Gore won the white house in 2000.

Now after months of careful investigation it has been discovered that blacks were made to wait in longer lines than whites in Ohio! Shockingly, the volunteer poll workers were elderly and ignorant too, but only in the black districts again thanks to the EVIL WHITE REPUBLICAN plan.

We have to admit that this dastardly plan did not change the outcome, but we have a plan for that too. Our plan is that we must have clearer standards for voter registration than motor-voter because obviously that is too vague. Plus we have to make it easier to get as many illegal aliens, convicted felons and dead-non-white-not-Christians registered to vote. That's how we'll beat those EVIL WHITE REPUBLICANS next time.

But wait, we Democrats aren't telling you this to get you mad or anything. We just want you to send in your money so we can get Hillary elected in 2008! Spread the hate, fuel the panic, vote as many times as you can!

Yeah, read between the lines... that's what they are really thinking.