At Least Franken Is Consistent!

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Apparently when Al Franken, noted Air-America Liberal mouthpiece got a freedom of speech award and he over did his acceptance speech. Al tried to make a 45 minute heartfelt (apparently tears were involved) speech about wounded Iraqi war vets yet against the war until he was forced off the stage.

Personally, I can't stand Franken in case you haven't guessed. I will say this for him: he is consistent. He opens up and says what he wants regardless of who cares or how stupid it is. I do respect him for his apparently sincere feelings about the wounded, even if he is misguided at heart. I really don't want him to shut up, because most of what he says and the manner he says it is great fodder for conservatives like me. So I say, let him speak and thank him for opening his mouth and revealing himself!

By the way, does anyone get the whole Stuart schtick from SNL he used to do? That squishy feely guy with the sweaters and the lisp?