Screw Reality meets $$ Reality

From the folks at NATIONAL ABORTION RIGHTS LEAGUE who brought you the only-makes-sense-if-you're-a-liberal SCREW ABSTINENCE party, they have now ripped the truth to shreds going after Roberts on some supposed incident in his record.

Hey, it was so obvious a lie that a station in Bangor (that's in the People's Republic of Maine) pulled the plug on the ad saying ""After careful thoughtful analysis, we determined the ad was at worst false, and at best misleading,""

Now I have to change the whole tone of my rant because the folks at NARL have decided to pull the plug on the ad
  • themselves.
  • I smell a rat because if they were bold enough to put on that "Screw Abstinence" party a few months ago then something must have really kicked them in the pants. The only logical reason I see for them to backtrack is that their financial backers put the smackdown on this effort. So I guess the folks at NARL decided not to "screw" themselves financially and are going to make new commercials that their backers can stand.

    It's nice to see there is SOME LINE out there that even NARL backers won't cross. While to the rest of us that line is far beoynd a reasonable point of KILLING BABIES to begin with, there is at least some line too far for even them to go.