Is Abortion a Tragedy?

John Roberts was asked to write a opinon in reference to a Supreme Court battle over some Catholic Nuns wanting the right to bury the 16000 fetuses stored in formaldehyde and plastic bags discovered behind the house of a man who managed a California medical facility that had closed. The Feminist Women's Health Center of Los Angeles sued to block the Catholics from having access under some bizarre twist of separation of church and state.

Here is what is in the document:
John Roberts concluded that a group's memorial service for aborted fetuses was "an entirely appropriate means of calling attention to the abortion tragedy."

The Feminists had their way, preventing the display of the fetuses which would have been difficult to spin. You will note reader that we rarely if ever see such images in our news in spite of the shocking number of abortions each year. Perhaps with the advent of cell phone cameras more of these horrors will come out.

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  • Is Abortion a tragedy? In the future we will be seen as barbarians for the torture we inflict on the mothers and the murder of these children. It is the only rational outcome to this argument. Much like slavery, the truth becomes shockingly obvious to a more enlightened society. I believe our fight against abortion is only a matter of patience and prayer. Emancipation from abortion is a given path, only we have to be vigilant until the end is here.