Texas Repubicans: Crushing Bill Of Rights?


You would never think that the Republicans were in power, nor would you think that our party knows how to walk tall. Right now there is a proposal for a "volunteer deputized Border Patrol citizen program" that puts an emphasis on "unarmed" citizen voluteers "assisting" border patrol agents.

""These would be volunteers who go through training, don't have a criminal background, who don't use firearms, and who would serve in a backup capacity to the Border Patrol," said U.S. Rep. Lamar Smith (R-Texas), who is one of the backers of the proposal."

What-in-the-hell is the matter with those Republicans? They want to put a bunch of deputized Barney Fifes out there without even one bullet in their pocket?

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I have questions for U.S. Rep John Culberson (R-Texas)and U.S. Rep Lamar Smith:
The second amendment says we have the right to keep and bear arms. Yet you want to prohibit these volunteers from being armed? Prohibit law-abiding, deeply screened citizens from carrying weapons into an arena where there is a significant possiblity that they will face armed narcotic traffickers and possible terrorists?
How exactly would these people "assist" like the "old days of the posse" without being armed? Second, aren't you from Texas? Since when has anyone from Texas been against a man carrying a sidearm? Let alone a REPUBLICAN from TEXAS!

Ok, I'll admit the good points are that it creates a situation where the Border Patrol has to get it's S**T together because there will be closer monitoring by civillans. I can almost hear the swearing of the regional Border Patrol bosses as they realize they have to put up with some fired-up locals who are zealous enough about our border security that they'll patrol it for free.

The thing I don't get is how that extra set of eyes and hands will help when push comes to shove in the desert. That part of this idea is dumber than when Speilberg digitally removed the guns from the authorities in his DVD release of ET to make it less scary. The only scary thing is at least ET was pretend, these border voluteers are facing something real. We've got to do something to nip our real border problem in the bud, but we shouldn't force people to do it unarmed.