Dead Babies, just more trash

Those who would support the horrors of abortion and take life so slightly show patterns of behavior just as serial rapists and murderers do. Now we have shock that French doctors have been hoarding fetal and infant corpses in their morgue for up to 20 years.

These horrors were uncovered when a French woman went to confirm what had happened to her child she had aborted:

""I wanted to verify that my child was cremated, like they said he would be," 27-year-old Caroline Lemoine was quoted as telling the paper. Following repeated requests for the date of cremation, the hospital acknowledged it had not disposed of the body."

In a comment to the reporters, authorities said:

"There was no reason why those bodies should have been kept," Rosemarie Van Lerberghe, general director of the Paris public hospital system, said at a news conference. "I don't think we will find the same thing in other places."
Health Minister Xavier Bertrand described his shock at visiting the morgue, saying that the remains were stored in "disgraceful" conditions.
"I still have these disturbing images in my mind, these sacks and bottles of formaldehyde spread out," he told Le Parisien newspaper.

Dr. Axel Kahn of the French national medical ethics board said:

"Even after the laws were changed, some specialists at Saint-Vincent-de-Paul may have wanted to keep the remains to do genetic testing on them one day,"

The hospital has not addressed who kept the fetuses, or why. The remains were stored under lock and key in a two-room annex off the morgue's refrigerator room, news reports said. Only a handful of people had access to the rooms.

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