Gaza, looking West, and a Point?


Why did the Israeli governmet agree to have families uprooted from their homes and moved? I think I have a right to ask since apparently US Tax dollars were spent to house the evicted.
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Right now, there is no gain only a huge loss. No concessions from the Palestenians. Cal Thomas's
  • article in JWR
  • aptly compares the Palestinians to alligators: they won't stop eating till they are full. Right now they got the appetizer in the form of Gaza, but they want the whole enchilada of Israel. (Apologies for mixing metaphors folks).

    Sharon's second in command confirms their decision making process in this quote from
  • JANE'S:

  • ...on 4 August when Israel's Vice Premier Ehud Olmert observed: "Israel's upcoming pullout from the Gaza Strip is not a 'trade-off' for keeping the West Bank, and the government is ready to resume negotiations with the Palestinians after the unilateral withdrawal based on the internationally backed 'road map' peace plan."

    Then we hear Sharon promise that the West Bank won't go and that there will be
  • additional construction,
  • he's submitted to the Road Map demands of the Palestinians and the world. So he's going to defy the Road Map now?

    We already know that if you look weak, for example when you bomb an asprin factory to avenge a suicide bomber against a naval vessel, you make yourself a target for extremist Muslim sickos. Those same palestenians still want "their West Bank" along with the rest of "their" land. You know, the whole enchilada. Right now you guys look pretty darn weak.

    In fact, here's what your enemies say:
    Senior Hamas leader Mahmoud al-Zahar, in an interview with the Arab newspaper Asharq Al Awsat, said, "We do not and will not recognize a state called Israel. ... This land is the property of all Muslims in all parts of the world. … Let Israel die." (et al JWR Cal Thomas)

    So, what exactly was the point Mr. Sharon? You follow the "road map" and yet are going to completely ignore it too? It would seem that for the benefit of your people if you had chosen to ignore it you could have started in Gaza.