Bloomberg & ACLU: Altered Reality

This time the ACLU may have actually alienated that core 15% of die-hard liberals with their suit. The latest lawsuit is against New York City for their subway searches on the heels of the London attacks from MUSLIM TERRORISTS.

It argues that the measure also allows the possibility for racial profiling, even though officers are ordered to randomly screen passengers. The most disgusting thing to me is that Bloomberg already is publicly against racial profiling.

This leads me to tell you a story:

It was November 2001, and I had a business meeting. I was in Baltimore airport and got selected for the pat-down-wand-all-over and x-ray-nuke of my shoes. The screeners directed me to a cordoned off area with an oriental grandmother already going through the same probe. We were taking it in stride until the arabic 20 something year old male waltzed through security like it was made of soapbubbles. As you might imagine, this was the birth of my righteous indignation.

Naturally I had heard about those oriental grandmothers knitting bomb vests and loading them with accupuncture needles. I also suspected that irish rednecks were well known for their ability to drive tractor bombs into cow pastures so we can go to our pub with Allah and the doe-eyed beer-toting serving wench virgins.

Gathering my tone, I looked at my screener and said "I'm really surprised you selected us but let him walk right through with out a second glance." The oriental grandmother grinned and snorted at me. The screener was not quite as humorous but didn't try to cavity search me.

The City already agrees with the ACLU and "does not support the use of racial profiling" according to Mayor Bloomberg. These idiots would hogtie and blindfold us when we are at war. Their motive against racial profiling is illogical and innane. Just because SOME of our ancestors chose to PARTICPATE in racial slavery and oppression does not mean we are doing it NOW. Not all of us are bigots and not all of us believe that people are so stupid as to see that non-muslims are usually not terrorists.

Tell you what mayor, if you want to increase tourism start advertising that your officers are using muslim extremist racial profiling. It's sort of like giving guns to pilots and teachers and concealed carry permits to the general public. If you promote the message then you will make the terrorists think before they act. Possibly they will choose to act somewhere else. To heck with the ACLU, I would think your streets were safe from Muslim Terrorists.

I don't know what reality they live in, but it isn't this one.