California Has Two Mommies

Judicial Activism strikes again! Kids can have two mommies thanks to the miracle of artificial impregnation and the curse of Judes legislating from the bench.
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Here's the root of the problem:
In the case of Elisa B. v. Superior Court, the California Supreme Court held that a lesbian who had agreed to raise the children born to her partner, but who then split up with her partner, was required to pay child support for the minors as a parent. And in K.M. v. E.G., the court held that the existence of a written waiver of rights did not prevent a lesbian woman who had donated ova to her partner for in vitro fertilization from asserting rights as a parent. Meanwhile, in Kristine H. v. Lisa R., the court found that a stipulation signed by the natural mother conferred a legal right to her lesbian partner to exercise the role of a parent over the child.

This trio of decisions by the state high court means that parenting, custody, and child support laws in California will now apply to homosexual couples who conceived through artificial insemination.

I can't help but be dissapointed and slapping a big "here is the reason behind Justice Sunday" into everyone's face. Anyone give me one good reason why Churches should not be standing up to this assault on the family? Anyone really think that Daddies are just sperm donors? Anyone think the village really does fill in the gaps from home? Show me the mechanic who changed your kids diaper!

Does anyone deny that this is a stepping stone to legalizing gay marriage? The not-so-funny thing is that truth has caught up with fiction again!
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(PS: I've got another rant coming on artificial insemination too, that's going to be fun.)