Pubic-without-the-"L" Fashions

My wife dragged me (literally) to the mall the weekend that the new Potter book came out. There were hundreds of kids and adults dressed up like characters from the series. As I somewhat patiently waited on a bench outside of some kids clothing store where my wife was spending 6 hours of my hard earned income I noted a goup of thug wannabes. These wannabees crossed in front of my geezer bench at the same time as an equal number of Potterites going the opposite way. The thug wannabes in their twisted hats, soccer sport t-shirts and crotches of their pants at their knees started laughing at the wizards and quiddich players.

It took a great deal of self restraint not to remind those thugs that a few years from now their "uniforms" would look quite stupid to them too. That in fact I very loosely understood the Potterites celebraton of geekdom while their thug-li-ness translates into a celebration of an anti-societal drug and gun culture. That in a few years they would be shaking their heads at the fashions of their own kids... which for some of them may be sooner than they would have planned...

Just as I was formulating this rant a typical victim of McDonald's jiggled past with her rolling midriff exposed between her low riders and short shirt... VOMIT!

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Now Dolce & Gabbana models are showing the "short and curlies" in their Jeans ad? I should want to remind Dolce & Gabbana that not everyone is a svelt model. That there WILL BE victims of McDonalds jigglig by in those fashions at malls everywhere in the next 12 months. Redneck poor taste has no boundaries, and apparently Europeans aren't immune to having redneck tastelesness. Y'all in Milan and New York should think about that before you pull the pants down any further.

As an aside, the Potter book is an excellent read, with a dissapointing ending forcing the reader to buy the next 6 books she will be selling. I'll be buying too.