The Fascist Parallel

It was a war we were forced into by an act of horrible destruction. The enemy was fanatical and led by the orders they thought came from God. The enemy was so brainwashed into believing theirs was the one true way that they would willingly martyr themselves for the cause. Death was an honor in the service of their God.
Our President stood firm and brought the resolution that this act would not go unpunished. Millions of dollars were spent to insure success, thousands of lives lost.

The people of our country understood just like their President. It was going to cost lives to stop these madmen. Carrying the war to their home soil was going to be the only way to stop them. They struck here first, we would end it there.

It was one of the few times in history that politics were genuinely united in one cause.

Am I speaking of Bush and the Muslim terrorists? No, the time was WWII, the attack was Pearl Harbor. The presidents involved were Roosevelt and Truman. The enemy was Imperial Japan and the God was the Emperor Hirohito. We should look to this historical context for our understanding of the sacrifices and blood we are bound to spend to complete the objective. The objective of stopping a type of imposed fascisism.

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Hiroshoma Memorial

Here is a good context to consider: in one night of bombing 83,000 Japanese died, and they did not capitulate to the surrender. Eighty-three-thousand-yet they refused to quit. It took 2 atomic bombs to convince them. TWO. THEY DID NOT GET IT ON THE FIRST NUKE! This is a fanatical fascist for you.

This is the week it happened, Hiroshoma on August 6th, Nagasaki on August 9th.

Those of you who think what we are doing now is a "horrible quagmire" please consider the historical comparison I have presented here. Not to diminish any sacrifices here but so far it's been a relative cakewalk compared to the Pacific campaign of WWII. Please also understand that you having the right to speak your ignorant indignation also means that the side you are speaking under is not the fascist. Even though it sounds good on the evening news to call Bush a warmonger, he is really just making it possible for people like you to speak your mind. No matter how wrong you are.