In the aftermath of Katrina, those are my words of wisdom. Help is on its way, and my family will be one of many praying and contributing what we can to assist.

Personally I've got a yard full of limbs to clean up but that's all. No big deal. For those of you who lost everything I say this: you are still here. Your purpose still is not finished yet.
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Now if you live in New Orleans, I'd say you were gambling that this wouldn't happen: the bowl below 3 bodies of water wouldn't ever get flooded. Now that it has happened, do you choose to go back or move somewhere above sea level? Am I heartless and callous? Maybe. I prefer to call myself a realist. As everyone puts the pieces back together I'd urge you to consider this question carefully before you move back.

For those of us who are hurting in the pocket book with gas and insurance prices: don't panic, things will get back to normal for the rest of us. Don't horde gas and water. Don't honk or be belligerent in these gas lines. This is going to be like Y2k... no big deal in a few weeks. We as a nation have recovered quickly from far worse than this.
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As for Airlines, y'all are toast. Southwest is going to own everybody pretty soon because they operate cheap and the fat cats are choking on the unexpected gas prices.

Again: DON'T PANIC. Nothing gained by panic. Just gather your wits and whatever else you have left and focus on the next 5 minutes. Then gradually work up to tomorrow and so on. It's all y'all can do.