Racial Profiling: Dollars Stronger Than Blood

Once again I read Michelle and she hits the nail on the head. Her article from JWR (linked in the title) about minority business initatives in our government "pinged" my mind to the obvious of what I do every day: I profile!

I take applications for mortgages, (hopefully I'll close it too). I'm required by our beloved government to know your age, sex and race. If you choose not to answer it won't impact your loan but get this: they really want me to guess what you are anyway!

Point being this: how is logical for them to assert the knowlege of race when measuring mortgage activity versus protecting against terrorist activity? Apparently, the government's logic says I will discriminate (which is stupid, because if you don't get the loan I don't get paid-but some pig-head might discriminate so I'll leave it be). Your government is out to control those dollars with profiling.
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They use this method because it WORKS to catch DISCRIMIATION if it does for some reason occur. Why can't this EFFECTIVE METHOD be applied to counter-terrorism? Because we as a country once supported slavery 140 years ago and some people haven't figured out that we are past that now. Now if we want to stop a group from being bad we have to punish everybody to make it "fair".

What a load of feel-good-liberal crap. Screen the middle-eastern peoples and you'll catch terrorists. Igonre the oriental grandmothers and fat white guys because the odds are favorable that they aren't members of Hamas or Al Qaeda!

Money matters more than blood folks. Never doubt that. Our country shows that every stinking day that they don't use profiling on terrorists yet do on loan applications. It's just plain wrong and STUPID.