Scholarship & Logic

Read the link about the Boston University group offering a $250 scholarship to anyone who is "at least 25% white"; then think.

If you are going to fight racism can you do it with racism? Can you battle evil with evil? Can you overcome selective segregation with reverse segregation?

If you are thinking that this doesn't work then you get the point these students are trying to make. Also note that they had to talk the University into allowing this scholarship because initially the reaction was "this is racist and we won't allow it". This lack of logic should not have to be explained!

Obviously it needs to be explained if you are a liberal. Then if you are a liberal it's ok to put down this generation of white people for something their great-grandparents leaders might have done. You might even go so far as to demand money from this generations for something done 150 years ago to someone else's great-great-great-great-great grandfather.

Speaking of which, as a descendant of a formerly oppressed group I want my reparations from the English for the slavery of my Irish ancestors. If I ran the numbers right then 25% of me owes the other 75% some cash.