Chinese Long Term Plan

Chinese sub stalks US carrier and surfaces well within torpedo range, article linked in title.
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It's been almost half a year since I wrote a regular piece about China. I feel that they are looking to take the US on at some point in the near future. Every time I say something like that I have some love-and-cookies type tell me I'm nuts. By the time I show them the evidence even the die-hard peace lover starts to be paranoid.

Then this sub incident. What does it look like from a military perspective?

It looks like China just shot us the military middle finger. They used their ultra-quiet submarine from Russia, snuck past the layers of security including our own submarines and surface-anti-sub ships. They got within sight distance of a carrier and hung out laughing at us. If they had an inkling, two torpedoes would have completely disabled our carrier or possibly sunk it.

Why is that a big deal? A carrier is more than a ship. It is the key to the projection of our power and influence. While the liberal peace lovers might say we don't deserve this ability, they should also remember that Taiwan certainly deserves the right to exist as a sovereign nation. Then factor in China's resolve to return the "renegade Provence" back to their control and you might see a problem even for a liberal.

So, let's review the evidence:
1) steal ballistic missile data
2) steal aegis plans and build a copy
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3) purchase quiet Russian subs
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4) refurbish Russian aircraft carrier (a gray casino? riiiight)
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5) ally with major oil producer and US enemy Iran
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6) buy top-notch US equipment from idiotic US ally Israel
7) stockpile oil reserves-useful if you expect interruptions from war
8) show the US Navy the middle finger.

I'd say we are closer to war than I would like. My biggest concern of all: that the USA is so short-sighted that we will be caught with our pants down. Here is a plausible plan from the Chi-commies:

Amass a large force ready to strike Taiwan. Send one submarine to put missiles into our Alaskan oil production facility bottlenecks. Followed by a couple of strikes on power generation facilities on the west coast. Torpedo the stern of our carrier presence in western Pacific. Simultaneously Iran sabotages the oil terminals of its rivals in the gulf and maybe plants a nuke in Israel. China would need to take out Diego Garcia to stretch our long range capabilities. While the USA wonders what happened and licks its wounds, take back Taiwan.

Several fiction writers have come up with these scenarios already so I'm not writing anything fresh or new. My question is what stage of planning are they in and what do we not know?

How do you think Pelosi would react to this scenario? What about Hillary?