Hillary Suspicions

Lifesite News has a headline that likely indicates absolutely nothing. The story they report is that Hillary Clinton was a patient of Dr. William F. Harrison who also performed abortions. Here is an overview of "Doctor" Harrison from the

  • The tenuous link is found here on the Amazon Book review written by the Doctor
  • himself:

  • "I have known Bill and Hillary Clinton personally since they both moved to Fayetteville to teach at the University of Arkansas Law School in the early 70s. I met Hillary first as her physician and she soon introduced me to her then boyfriend, Bill. My wife and I became good friends with Bill and Hillary and strong supporters for his political campaigns over the years. I became very angry with Bill in one of his last races for Governor of Arkansas because of what I perceived as a weakness on the abortion issue when I knew that he was a strong supporter of abortion rights. We had some harsh written words about what I considered his failure to live by his beliefs on the issue and his failure to recognize that he would never be able to gain access to any significant support from the religious right on this issue and I felt that he was abandoning his beliefs in a failed attempt to perhaps gain an extremely few possible votes by not supporting a friend. (Me. I was then a practicing ob-gyn providing abortions, which I considered was an extremely important part of my practice - for which I was receiving heavy attacks from the radical prolifers in our state.)"

    The "What Hillary Stands For" devil on the shoulder says she did it. The "Truth Not Folklore" angel on the other shoulder says write what you know. I know they knew each other. I know Hillary is pro-choice. I know this abortion "doctor" claims she was his patient. That's NOT concrete but as the senate said "It is very much grounds for investigation."

    Funny thing, even the doctor agrees as an abortionist he is "taking a life." I would submit for your approval that this in fact violates his Hippocratic oath "First do no harm." However the logic seems to be lacking from his perspective.

  • psuedo moralisms/li> from the doctor who averaged killing one person per week for the last 30 years.

    Here, email him yourself: Wharri3365@cox-internet.com