Taking CHRISTmas Back

The receptionist at my company has great daily messages for us. Usually they are forwarded from her pastor, but not today... This heartfelt rant is from a sweet country girl who personifies what many in the Bible Belt are thinking. So I'll post it to share:

Ok Ok Ok. This is it. We as Christians have given up a lot of our freedoms in the last few years. It started with taking prayer out of school, taking God out of the pledge of allegiance, Taking the ten Commandments down out of Public places. and much much more. And now we can't say Merry Christmas on t.v. or radio or go to a store and buy a Christmas tree? We have to buy a holiday tree.

Hey if it weren't for Christ we wouldn't even have this holiday!!!!... How is saying Merry Christmas forcing my beliefs on people??? If anything the people taking all these things from us are trying to force us to give up our beliefs!!!. I thought America was a country we prided our selves on being Free!! What is free about this???

Boy what a slap in the face this is to our soldiers fighting for our freedom over in Iraq.. We need to bring them home to fight for our Freedom here...Or better yet we as Christians need to take a stand. NO MORE!!!! What about our Christian President who says he prays everyday. He is the President why is he allowing this?? I know he can only do so much but I haven't heard anything. Is his name and job more important than Christ???

People of other religions can celebrate whatever they want and we are told to smile and except that because we are a country that excepts everyone from everywhere. Well then these other people need to realize America was built on the Love of God. And Christians came from far and wide to have the right to worship Christ.. It was placed on our money!!! But I see they have no problem spending that... Who are these people that are taking that from us? Atheist??? Well you know what... these non-believers can just not believe and quit trying to take our God away from us. But we can still pray for them. People if we keep allowing God to be taken away from us Where is this going to leave our Children? I had to sit my 6 year old daughter down the other day and tell her: People are going try and take Christ away from you in this world. You can't let them you have to fight to keep Christ right here in America. Because if it is this bad now. Just imagine What it will be like when she has Children. These people that are forcing God out of our schools, court rooms, stores, homes, and other public places are the same ones that are going blame God for not being there when disaster strikes. Well what do you expect you force him to leave and he is going to. Then where will we be?

I write this to get the word out. All Christians young and old we need to join together and fight for our rights. We need to fight for God. Get out your bibles and read. See all the wars the ones that came before us fought for God. Well if they can why can't we? People come on... Look at what all God has done for you. Stand up for Christ he sure has for you!!!!!!!!!.

We need to form a chain lock our arms together march up to the high courts and refuse to lose our rights as Christians the freedom to pray, to speak of our lord, to sing his songs, to rejoice in our savior. I know some of you are thinking. It is just a Merry Christmas. Well I ask you how merry is it going be for your Children when you send them into a world where they can choose anything to be in there lives but Christ? Let's take a stand now, make a plan now.. no more waiting!

We don't have to be violent but we can speak up and be heard. If the atheist and agnostics can well we can to. If we are not careful and take a stand now soon people will be offended by our Churches being on the side of the road and they will take those away as well.. Think it is impossible??? Well I bet you never though you'd lose your right to say Merry Christmas either.. Something to think about uh??? I am a proud Christian. I teach my Children to be proud as well. And I will say Merry Christmas as long as I have a breath in my body. I will fall to my knees in honor of my Savior Jesus Christ. And I will risk persecution or even death to do it. Christ did for me!! He did for us all. If you are ashamed of the Lord, he will be ashamed of you...

Merry CHRISTmas everyone.

That was her email. Now do you all understand why Christians feel the need to become politically active?