Putting the X in the Holiday

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It used to be that people would put the X where Christ would go in Christmas. While it was a shorthand way to write the holiday, everyone knew what the X stood for. People made a big deal out of that X-mas. With the news I see today I long for those simpler days:

Donald Wildman's American Family Association is telling us about a Wisconsin public school system that is militantly removing all "Christ" references from their "Holiday Program"- including but not limited to changing the words to silent night? I thought I was up at arms about the Pledge of allegiance and now this?

The AFA is right to be paranoid and angry because this is a specific state-institution sponsored anti-Christian attack because Kwanza and Hanukkah is still mentioned.

Y'all tell me again how Christians don't need to be active in what is going on with our government. Give me a refresher course on the difference between state-endorsed religion and state-restricted religion? Show me how the actions of the aren't bigoted when Hanukkah and Kwanza are still supported?

Tell me the founding fathers meant for Christmas to be eradicated.

The good news is the AFA's efforts are paying off. Target, Sears, Mercantile stores are all putting Christmas back in Christmas displays everywhere.