Better Spoken, Same Wiretap Thoughts

I've copied two excerpts that I only wish I had written. I didn't write these because I'm not patient enough to express my thoughts more fully. I try to do this in too big of a hurry. This is EXACTLY what I was THINKING when I wrote my two pieces. This is also EXACTLY WHY Paul Greenburg gets paid to write, and I blog.

"What's in a name? A lot when it's misleading, Note that all the calls deliberately targeted by this program are ones to and from abroad, not domestic ones. Yet the tag-line of this story, and what makes it so provocative is: Domestic Spying! As in the now standard phrase in the news columns: "White House-approved domestic spying program."
Vocabulary remains the Little Round Top of every political battle, and the president's more partisan critics have seized it early and often. You can tell the midterm elections are coming up next year. As for those of the president's critics who are sincere and not just out to make partisan hay, they bring to mind dear old Henry Stimson, Herbert Hoover's secretary of state and later FDR's secretary of war. Mr. Stimson was shocked to discover that American cryptographers had broken the Japanese diplomatic code. "Gentlemen," he harrumphed, "do not read each other's mail." And the whole operation was shut down. Pearl Harbor followed in due course.
There was a lot of talk after September 11th about successive administrations failing to connect the dots. These days sophisticated technologies can quickly run through huge volumes of satellite-relayed overseas calls to and from phone numbers in the United States. Those calls can be instantaneously cross-checked against databases of suspicious words, phrases, phone numbers, voice patterns of known terrorists, and only God (and the NSA) knows what other data. Imagine trying to get FISA warrants to run every one of those calls through NSA's electronic filter."

"Inevitably a lot of perfectly innocent conversations may be caught up in this vast, sticky web — along with the single phone call to or from someone like Iyman Faris using phrases like Brooklyn Bridge or high explosives.
Should this whole operation be shut down because somebody might overhear an innocent conversation? Is the administration now being accused of connecting too many dots? "

--- Yeah, what he said!!!

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