Liberal Jews?

Jee, that gives an odd twist to the term oxymoron.

Bad puns aside, this article has some surprising stupidity and ignorance being voiced by liberal Jewish leaders: anti-Christian and pro-choice Jews?

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Abraham Foxman (pictured above), national director of the Anti-Defamation League, speaking to the group'’s national leadership here last week, signaled a sharp shift in ADL policy by directly attacking several prominent religious right groups and challenging their motives, which he said include nothing less than Christianizing America."

  • Hey Foxman, would you prefer a
  • Muslim America?

  • Hey Foxman: check out the news lately?
  • Christian schoolgirls beheaded

  • Gunmen attack Church

  • Hey Foxman: ever heard the saying "the enemy of my enemy is my friend" unless of course you don't really believe in all of that "Yahweh" stuff...

    OH, and Foxman ain't the only one!
    There is also
  • Rabbi Eric Yoffie,
  • Image hosted by Photobucket.com(pictured above) president of the liberal Union for Reform Judaism. He seems to equate sexual preference choices to being Jewish. He also seems to think if the "Fundamentalist Christians" had their way we would be state sponsoring the printing of bibles.

    Guys, come on. It isn't like that. Christians aren't out to force anyone to convert. We just want to build protections against what we see as attacks on our rights and faith. I seriously doubt Christians would seek to behead a gay buddhist because of his religion or sexual preference. I can't say that about Muslims.

    After reading this article I have a freshly invigorated contempt for liberal thought. When a leading Jewish Liberal can put his head beside his pancreas (an amazing feat with his foot in his mouth at the same time) and choose to attack Christians in this world situation there can be no excuses. These examples are the purest expression of the proverb "thank a fool for opening his mouth and revealing himself."