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Having a little fun with this rant, there is no hate here just tongue in cheek with personal observations:

If you are a Ford truck man and that's what you like then you ain't gay anymore. The company's corporate advertising Focus has changed for at least two of its flagship brands.

The news release says Jag and Land Rover will no longer advertise in "Gay Publications". I wonder if pressure from American Family Association had anything to do with the decision?

After asking that question I seriously doubt it. Maybe Toby Keith heard about the ad policy and voiced his concern over his masculinity?
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By the way; does anyone really know where they got the name Montego?

I've got to ask this question: should marketing decisions for a car be based on a sexual preference? Does that really sell cars? I like vanilla bean ice cream, should that be a marketing ploy for Ford?

Either way the company still supports their homosexual employees lifestyle. I wonder how that fact plays here in the Bible belt?