Clearing the Haze on Wiretaps

While I was initially bothered by the early twisting of the wiretap controversy, with quotes like these from Senator Finegold from
  • Lerher's News Hour (PBS):

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    "SEN. RUSS FEINGOLD: I have heard no complaints. I have heard of no denials of these requests." Many reports sounded just like this. While they were accurate from a certain point of view, it is clear that the whole truth was omitted.

    Now the truth is becoming more clear.
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    The "secret court" has
  • denied or altered
  • more requests by the Bush administration than the last 3 administrations combined.

    Like I said earlier, this war does not fit the classic situation. We have to have more flexibility in pursuit of a much more fluid and disconnected enemy. Technology is on the side of the terrorist. Cheap throw-away cell phones, free email accounts and universal access to the internet are all playing to the benefit of the enemy. Don't get me wrong, I like these things I just listed. I can also appreciate a nice handgun as long as it isn't being used against me.

    The fear that is being raised is who is being targeted for these investigations? Clearly Democrats are afraid because of how they used the
  • FBI files
  • on their political enemies. I truthfully think the Bush administration is only hunting terrorists and their links. In contrast, Democrats seem to be focused on political enemies instead of on who the country's enemies really are.

  • source on the FBI FILE scandal.

  • NSA May record citizen's conversations with people outside the country
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