Clean Air=Global Warming (or MORE JUNK!)

7.7.05 update: with only 50 years of data, can we tell if the
  • warming
  • is a trend or a natural cycle?

    Original article:
    "Earth's air is cleaner, but this may worsen the greenhouse effect." Is how this article starts out (link is dead as of 5/9).

    Wait, did we sign that Kyoto Treaty when I wasn't looking? So, did I miss something here or is cleaner air now bad? I keep hearing that dirty air is bad and causing evil global warming that will screw up the gulf current and make Dennis Quaid save us from a super blizzard. But now we find that we have cleaner air and more sunlight getting through is making things warmer. Maybe we should go google and see what's out there: A quick review of the
  • http://www.nrdc.org/globalWarming/default.asp">NRDC Global warming page

  • shows that these dirty carbon gases are the "main causes" of the increases in temperature globally.

    Let's look at some other interesting Google finds:
  • Climatologists analysis

  • Truth is out there, only 10% of climatologists believe "Man is causing global warming" meaning 90% don't believe that. Hmmm.

    Studying 100 years of climate data to determine global patterns is akin to studying a finger nail clipping to determine bodily health status and what to do to fix it. IT CAN'T BE DONE! Whether you believe the earth is 6000 or 6 billion years old this is a totally impractical way to do a scientific analysis with any meaning. We do not know where the weather started or where it has been during the times prior to the last 100 years to determine if there even is a problem.
    Ok Liberals listen up: you either get the cake or you eat it. You can't have both.

    Conservatives don't want dirty air and water. We don't want our kids playing in toxic landfills or inhaling dangerous fumes any more than you do. We also don't want to subject ourselves to the rules of other countries (if you don't understand why that would be bad, please do not raise any children and expose them to your thinking processes). We certainly do not want to base any decisions on so called "science" that doesn't seem to be able to prove itself with any level of analysis that is logical and objective. One day one thing is bad and then next the solution to yesterday's bad thing is now bad too? Forgive my incredulity but please!

    My advice as always to Liberals: we'll listen when your reality has some links to the truth. Until then tell it to the elves and fuzzy bunnies.