Damn Yankee Liberal Christians

If you click the title you'll get a link to an article about Bush speaking at Calvin College's commencement, a Christian school. Apparently 30% of the students seem to think that the war was "unjust and unjustified".

Bear with me whilst I pound my head against my desk for a moment!

That "unjust and unjustified" term is the mantra of the Liberal Left derived from clever writing and focus groups. Thus again proving the liberal side of the media machine is still way more effective than the conservative efforts. Also it proves the television viewing habits of those same students.

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  • , it is the UN's list of sanctions against Iraq and the prescribed action to be taken when the resolutions were violated.

    That is the legal basis for the war. It's still there even when one covers the eyes and pretends it isn't.

    The logical conclusion to this situation is that because the students are against the war they are pro-Saddam. Therefore they are in favor of rape, torture, murder, genocide (Kurds) and the oppression of a people. Unfortunately they may not see it this way, but the only logical conclusion is to be against the US action is to support the one we went to war against.

    I'd also wager to any takers that while Jesus is neither Republican or Democrat, he most definitely is conservative (ahem, pro-life) and most certainly not Liberal.

    Since these students are obviously too stupid to render logical thought with historical background I suggest the college withhold approximately 30% of their diplomas. That ought to make the ceremony go by much more quickly.