I'm Singing and Cheering!! Arrest the Liberal!

State Senator John Ford of Memphis along with 4 other Democrats been arrested by the FBI on extortion charges under the Hobbs Act.

Every time that man opened his mouth my blood pressure went up and I wanted to rant. I was personally sick and tired of him pushing the state income tax, pushing the lottery and trying to reduce child support payments (which would impact him personally). He represents everything wrong with a southern democrat liberal that gets my ire.

Now some digging by a local newsman finds that in order to get lucrative state contracts some companies had to hire Ford's consulting firm to lobby the same legislative committee and body Ford was currently serving in! The FBI took an interest in that story and a grand jury smelled a big rat.

Hopefully some of the smear will wipe off on his rat nephew Harold Ford who wants to go to Washington. I can just picture the look on his face when he heard this about his infamous uncle.

Here's my "John Ford Master Card Ad"
Monthly child support to 3 kids: $3000
Campaign for re-election: $12 million
Consultant fee for greasing contract approval: $13 million

I'm torn on how to end it, either:
A) Look on John Ford's face when the feds slapped the bracelets: PRICELESS!
B) FBI dismantling the Liberal boss Hogg dynasty of the Fords: PRICELESS!

What bothers me most is I can just hear his constituency saying "The MAN is only out to get him because he's a successful Black Man and I'd vote for him again." Yeah Memphians you can just wait till he's out of jail and vote him right back in if you so choose.