Sex Ed the RIGHT Way

The jolly good Professor Leslie J Francis from the University of Wales, Bangor, decided to look at sexual ideals of 13-15 year old boys in Christian schools versus government schools. He found a compelling comparison in the following categories: pre-marital sex, abortion and pornography. (While the article does not mention statistical variances I believe it merits a through follow up with a larger study.)

Here is a quick breakdown of how many were "against" those topics:

against sex before age of consent {Christians 75/Public 39%
against sex before marriage {Christians 64/Public 13%
abortion was always wrong {Christians 73/Public 39%
porn was too widely available {Christians 62/Public 40%

The professor promises to follow up with a post-high school study on the same group.

We hear that Liberals don't want Christian ideals "forced" on our kids. We hear that we should teach them about sex and give them free condoms. Then they want the parents not to be notified prior to abortions? I say get the liberals out of our schools they are ruining our kids! How can anyone think that teaching values and morals that have a foundation is a bad idea?

As a Daddy of a little girl, I think I need to budget for a Christian school education or shoot for home school!