Hot Blonde Teacher

7.6.2005 UPDATE
  • UK teachers doing a 3-some!

    Tennessee: HOT BLONDE TEACHER has sex with student...
    Pamela Turner picture links:
  • Turner 1

  • Turner 2

  • Australia: HOT BLONDE TEACHER has sex with student...
    Karen Louise Ellis pic
  • http://www.epochtimes.com/i6/411110135868.jpglink
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    Men everywhere will of course understand when I say:

    WHERE THE HECK WERE THEY WHEN WE WERE THAT AGE??? AND THE ONES THAT WERE THERE, MAYBE... just maybe they considered it at some point? Ok, Mrs. Stanley wherever you are, did you ever think of me like they did their pimply-faced voice-cracking charges? Or even better, what was that student teacher's name that was in Coach Chapman's class back in high school...

    Yeah, wishful thinking. I fully expect to be smacked in the head by my wife when she reads this.