Liberal Discussion Technique

My roomate in college was a dyed in the wool liberal as I was conservative. Our discussions (some would say arguments) frequently boiled down to this: his "F#^&* You!" versus my chuckle. Paul was my sounding board for confirming that conservatisim made more sense.

Now I would apply investigative techniques to diagnosing the liberal argument standpoint in case you are in doubt: Libs almost never quote facts or give complelling counter-arguments. When they fail to do so they usually end up cursing and name calling (the "Al Franken method" calling someone a big fat liar without compelling evidence to the contrary).

Now we have Tom Purcell, a columnist for the Jewish World Review, responding to an email he gets from a group called americansforsocialsecurity.com requesting donations and saying that "the Democrats had the moral high ground and were winning". With beer-goggles on Purcell emailed a rant right back at them about their lack of any idea other than to say NO to Bush and promote themselves as a party at the cost of the country and the world. A thought that I and many others share.

The response from Brad Woodhouse, communications director for Americans United for Social Security: "Who the f--- are you and why do I care?"

Yep, illogical liberal response. Note the lack of substance in a moment where he could have argured his point! Instead he resorted to ugly language. Look for it in your liberal friends.

By the way, Paul Smith is now an Army Ranger serving our country with his beautiful military wife, and he voted for Bush. Paul, you and your wife are in my prayers.