So Much For Playing Together

We all agree Dr. King was an iconic visionary, a crusader for change.
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King's message of one people as children of God was obviously buried long before his wife passed recently. It seems that those who would call themselves the banner carriers of the King legacy have resorted to racial divides rather than unity.

During their time in front of the cameras talking about the legacy of Corretta Scott King the religious leaders who spoke chose to divide.
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They chose to stir the animosity in parts of the black culture and thrust it into the face of the President sitting 10 feet away. They chose to make political hay as a slap in the face of a man who has liberated millions from tyranny and given them an opportunity to rule themselves.

Dr. King preached equality and peace. He preached brotherhood and love. He understood that once all peoples accept that we are all created equal by God that the result would we begin to love each other. Yes, it is true that Dr. King used the pulpit to preach against the war in Vietnam. Based on what King said about Vietnam, it is likely he would also have preached against the war in Iraq, with an emphasis on how the poorest sons and daughters were dying there.

Would he also have preached about how the money spent in the war could be better spent here? Likely, yes. That is, assuming his views did not in any way change over time.

One must speculate that if Dr. King had gained the wisdom of experience as he aged (if he had lived) that the freedom from tyranny of Saddam is a benefit that he would have supported? What about for the Afghan peoples? While he definitely was anti-war he was concerned for the future of the peoples involved in both sides of conflicts of his time.

One would also speculate that a man of vision like Dr. King most definitely would have grown to realize how the wealth distribution creates a cycle of dependency in the poorest peoples. How the "great experiment" as he called it had failed so spectacularly in its trillion dollar effort to overcome poverty.

Those who carry his banner do so under the same premonitions of the 1960s. I cannot help that Dr. King's visionary ideals would have evolved and grown over the decades and would in fact be alien to what we hear from those under the banner of his efforts today. It is a curious supposition that is beyond the liberal to even speculate, let alone comprehend. After all, it's usually the Liberals who separate us into groups whereas the conservatives (such as myself) tend to view everyone as equal.

So much for the dream of us all playing together as equals. I practice King's dream in my house with my family and friends, do you?