Kane Mission Statement

Following the state of the Union came Virginia's governor Tim Kane (text link in title) with the rebuttal of "yeah but it ought to be done differently" speech. Kane's exact words were:
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"...we're moving ahead by focusing on service, competent management and results. It's all about bringing people together to find common-sense solutions to our common problems."

Hey, that quote reminds me of something. I'll bet we can look at the "corporate buzzword hotlist" to see if there is any substance to that quote: moving, focus, service, management, result, solution. In the early 90's those were a few of the terms that every company had to put in a mission statement to be cool.

Other confusing terms that were included in Kane's speech was the weak linking of support of the war with expanding social programs:
"Working together, we have to give our troops the tools they need to win the war on terror. And we can do it without sacrificing the liberty that we've sent our troops abroad to defend. That's why we in Virginia -- Democrats and Republicans -- have reformed and enhanced our Department of Veterans Services to help our veterans and their family members access the federal benefits that they've earned."

Huh? I get the idea of adding information and efficiency to the VA and don't have an issue with it. I just don't see how that stance is somehow supposed to sound pro-war?

"There is a better way" Kane kept saying reminiscent of a local car dealer here in Nashville.

Jee whiz governor, what exactly is the better way? You said "there is" as a tease then leave us all hanging! Kerry tried that and lost. Don't democrats know you can't just blow hot air but have to have an idea other than a fancy way of saying "no to Bush"?

The entire rest of Kane's speech was just that, platitudes without substance.

The only thing the democratic party has definitely shown the American public in the past 6 months is that their way is through control of the court system. Other than that fight, I haven't seen any other goal that shows us how they intend to lead. I'm not complaining mind you. It just makes the bumblings of my party somewhat effective against the dem's total lack of cohesion and substance.

Some part of me thinks that the draft of Kane's speech had a sharpie mark over "democrats want to tax gasoline $1 per gallon to encourage us to get away from dependence on oil." Yeah, don't think that would have gone over too well.