Target: Iran Nuke Program

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The Washington Post article linked in the title is full of speculation and "dead ends" on the data of an Iranian nuke program. Paper trail? Apparently the USA doesn't need a paper trail! I'll explain:

In speaking with someone who actually knows what they are talking about, whom I am not at liberty to reveal, it is not possible to hide a nuke program.

Apparently there are "universal magnetic signatures" that surround the enrichment process. These signatures cannot be masked or hidden from US surveillance. Measurement of these signatures reveals locations and can even interpretate quantity

That same source claims there is a new precision weapon that has not previously been used. One capable of not only hitting the exact portions of the manufacture process (down to the inch) but also capable of destroying hardened targets underground.

Hey, I'm just a country boy from Tennessee. What could I possibly know about precision weapons? (For liberals reading this, Oak Ridge is in Tennessee, look it up).