...Over NBC's continued sacrilege of their beloved Jesus in the proposed episode of Will And Grace featuring Brittany Spears and a cooking show called
  • "Crucifixins".

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    Mobs of angry christians burned the burbank NBC facility. News pundits are quick to point out that Fox has been using that term for a decade on the Simpsons and Arrested Development. However most Christians commented that the conservative news channel gives Fox the grace and benefit of the doubt on their entertainment side.

    Wait, that's not entirely right! That photo is actually a Danish Embassy being torched by angry Muslim crowd over political cartoons done in bad taste representing Muhammed as a terrorist. Christians get angry and send emails to each other when something is done in bad taste. They boycott products and get their point across. Then you have muslim reactions? Nobody has died yet in Christian riots about sacrilege. Cannot say the same for those
  • peaceful and loving muslims.

  • I suppose a good analagy is that you hear about gunfights and
  • dead body guards
  • on the set of a rapper video but never on a country music video set?
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    Busta Rhymes has an opening now in his body guard unit thanks to a bullet. Leanne Rimes still seems to keep her entourage out of triage. The true underbelly of peace or violence comes out no matter how well hidden. Much the same as the hatred preached in rap music has resulted in violence, Islam's truths are being advertised in flames and death right now.