FOUND: Bubba's Legacy!

There were many searches for the truth in the 90's. One of them was OJ's search for his wife's killer (apparently not involving mirrors). The other individual who was involved in major searches was Bubba Clinton.
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His search ostensibly was for his core values and the legacy of his presidency. ABC seems to have found a major clue in a new movie.

"The Path to 9/11" puts a factual focus on the decisions, actions and lack of action of the United States under Clinton to terrorist operations. Those operations include the USS Cole, Embassy bombings and the first car bomb attack on the WTC.

I wonder if wacky Cindy Sheehan realizes that if Clinton had handled these events with a firm hand that would have merited respect and fear in the hearts of terrorists that her son might still be alive?
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Should the "radical lefties" consider that Clinton not only turned down several opportunities to apprehend Bin Laden but also bolstered the terrorist leader's confidence?

What do you say leftie bloggers? Is there truth in my statements or are you going to continue to define the word "is"?