September 12th

Here is the question I pose to the anti-Bush crowd:

Let's roll back the clock to September 12 2001. Say Gore is president. What do you propose or suggest that he would do? What would you have him do?
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It is a difficult question.

Say it this way: what would YOU do?

What our President did was take the information he had in hand and make decisions. One of those decisions was to trash the ineffective previous policies of the United States when it came to the Middle East. The policies of Reagan, Bush, Clinton... were wrong and clearly did not work. It was time to lay aside the fear of destabilizing the Middle East in favor of pushing the tool we know works: a democratic state. The first mistake Bush's father made was to not remove Saddam and/or support the Kurds when he had the chance.

Wars do not stop despotism. They only give the populace a chance to effect change.

That statement lends a question: Is the insurgency a huge part of the Iraqi populace or a small fraction making big news?

I would hate to fry the circuits of those who still try to tune into Air America with too many questions. Let's see if I get any good responses.