Pro-Life Head in Sand

As a conservative and personal pro-life supporter I often find extreme asinine frustration with the official pro-life political machine. A prime example of this is Corker versus Ford in Tennessee for Senate.

What they say is that Corker (the Republican candidate) is not firm on being pro life. His opponent Ford is clearly pro-choice as is the standard mantra in the black portion of the pseudo-Christian democratic south**.

Because of this question they "refuse to support or campaign for Corker."

My question to the pro-life political machine is this: of the two parties which is more in your camp? Clearly the Republicans are more likely to be pro-life than the liberal controlled democratic party. IF you support republicans you are helping the majority go to the party more likely in your camp even if the particular individual is mildly pro-life or not promoting the overturn of Roe.

That support of Republicans gets nominations to the judiciary more strength of passage with more votes. The judiciary is the battleground for this war and is where we need to focus the fight. Granted you cannot guarantee choices in the judiciary, but at least you can more likely get the candidates that would be favorable to a conservative position.

That's about the only goal that is truly attainable: a conservative judiciary.

**(a completely different topic very worthy of discussion)