IF Dems Won...

It may sound odd but if the democrats win it is a gain for the Republicans as much if the Republicans win.

Why would I ever say such blasphemy?

Well, take a look at who stands to come into power:

Nancy Pellosi -Speaker
Charlie Rangle -Ways and Means (think $$)
Harry Reid -judicial(?)

The tax-spend-and-crush-traditional-morals crowd just went jubilant, moderates just took antacid while conservative democrats are popping Notre pills and gripping their left arm.

Give this country 2 years of these certified and certifiable left wing "radical liberals" and you will virtually usher in a Republican president, house and senate in 2008. Assuming of course we aren't all praising Allah in those 24 months.

Hey, they could raise taxes on everything but I doubt... No make that cringe to think that the democrats could actually spend more than my supposedly conservative Republicans have managed to do in the past 6 years.

The good news is that it looks like pretty boy Ford is running behind Corker so at least Tennessee's Senate slot seems to be going the right direction. See what else is going on
  • thanks to Tre's site here.