10 Million Women Dead

The irony of the argument is the pro-choice side that says "Women have the right to choose what to do with their bodies."

What happens in a culture where human life is not highly valued because of a complex set of reincarnation beliefs if you combine the status of a male child with the technology to predict the sex and abort based on the outcome? The wholesale slaughter of women. Ten million is the estimate in the previous 20 years?

""We must end the crime of female foeticide. We must eliminate gender disparity," Singh said in an address to the nation."

What would those women have done? What difference would they have made? What about their rights with their bodies?
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DAY 56

I am torn by this article. Torn because of the joy of hearing truth from the lips of a leader of a country. The frustration that is still there because of the ongoing slaughter and blatant turning of heads to ignore the facts. Frustrated because you won't hear this major proclamation on your nightly news cast because it doesn't fit the left leaning media's program.