McKinney: Buy A Mirror

Cynthia "Cop-Slugger" McKinney is spouting off again. It's the fault of the electronic voting machines that she lost. It's the fault of the media that she lost. It's the brain-dead black politic (sorry, she said "comatose" which isn't brain dead but by her usage is essentially saying they are asleep) that she lost.

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Hey Slugger, buy a mirror. Maybe it's because you are a violent, self-absorbed, fruitloop.

Something else that bothers me: why isn't it your fault Cynthia? Why is there no personal responsibility in this matter? I think that the tone of your post-loss rhetoric says more about the issues of your community than the actual vote does. I think you should take responsibility and show leadership. Admit your faults and find the strength there. Focus on what you can do for you, not what someone else has done against you to make you who you are.

We who live outside of your district teach our children these lessons. Maybe you should grow up and accept responsibility too.