Dirty Dems: Target CORKER

Bob Corker wins the primary nod to be the next Republican senator from Tennessee taking on Harry Ford Jr. (who continues to claim he is not corrupt like his family).
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Bob was a contractor and land developer prior to politics. Of course that means his job site had illegal immigrants so only an idiot (or democrat)would be shocked at that-but that isn't what I'm looking at today. One of the deals he put together as a private citizen involved a protected piece of watershed/conservation or whatever type property. The wording of the deal included the rights to a road access to an adjacent parcel to the protected piece.

The "Evil Republican" Corker made a deal with the "Evil Corporation" Wal-Mart to build on the adjacent property. There were the required open forum meetings for the approval. After construction begins Democrat tree-huggers filed a suit that was later dismissed because no portion of the agreement was broken in the deal with the protected property and the Wal-Mart occupied space.

Now that Corker is fully running for Senate as a Republican, a Democrat Joe Prochaska acting as attorney for the Tennessee Environmental Council and a Chattanooga citizens group files an appeal and gets a new look at the grossly exaggerated issue over this land.

Just a heads up, it's already been to the State Supreme Court once.

Is the timing political? The original suit was in 2003 and Prochaska took the helm of the case in 2005. Prochaska's wife has given $500 to Harry Ford Jr's campaign fund (Ahem, Ms. Prochaska would never dream of colluding with her husband against their candidates opponent). Shucks naw, it ain't nuthin political! {fingers crossed behind back}. I smell the south end of a north bound jackass.

Keep in mind that Harry Ford Jr. says he is not corrupt like his uncle...